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Volunteer Program

The Town of Bassendean engages volunteers to support various programs and events.

The contribution of volunteers is vital to the Town’s operations and benefits:

  • Residents, having the opportunity to be involved in the Town’s work.
  • The Town of Bassendean, by support and provision of  specialist advice, skills and  additional human resources by volunteers.
  • The community, offering a wider range of programs, projects and services.

The Town of Bassendean aims to meet and exceed the National Standards and Best Practice in volunteering through the training, induction and recognition of the Town’s volunteers.

A Council Volunteer is...

A volunteer managed by the Town of Bassendean to conduct volunteer work on behalf of the Town.

They are:

  • Registered at the Bassendean Volunteer Centre
  • Covered by the Town’s insurance whilst conducting volunteer work as directed by the Town
  • Required to have a current police check (costs are covered by the Town)
  • Provided with supervision and ongoing support by the Town’s staff


Volunteer Positions

    • Events
    • Library
    • Visiting Volunteers
    • Seniors & Disability
    • Volunteer Centre